Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sunspot Jonz and BOAC reach for the moon as SKYWALKERS

By Peyton S. Owen

Courtesy - Leo Docuyanan 

A new hip-hop duo based out of Northern California, Skywalkers, consist of musicians that are considered some of independent hip-hop’s greats – MC Sunspot Jonz of the Living Legends and underground producer/beat maker BOAC. These guys have come together to create a record that is unique to hip-hop in so many ways, track by track. Sunspot Jonz takes his conscious lyricism and smooth delivery placing it with BOAC’s original beats and carefully chosen samples to make Skywalkers, something truly special coming out of the Bay area.

It’s impressive how well BOAC and Sunspot Jonz meld together to grind out a sound that could be considered a new subgenre within hip-hop. Skywalkers are a daring and an unexpected twist of feel good, clever rhymes as well as upbeat melodies. Don’t forget they also have a touch of the ever-growing electronic genre as a departure for both Sunspot Jonz and BOAC’s own styles.  Is underground hip-hop moving in a new direction?

Skywalkers and their debut album have changed with the times. The use of less boom bap beats and samples have been replaced by interesting computerized sounds mixed with complimentary, creative samples by BOAC. He lays down stability for Sunspot to tear up the mic, yet various vocal effects are used on tracks like “Dark Knight.”

On their new album, BOAC is a killer DJ and Sunspot's rhymes are fresh. Skywalkers have potential to really blast off, but there needs to be more bass to a few tracks to keep listeners’ engaged. This record is different and as a way to not completely throw off fans before the Skywalkers project, this could possibly ease them into this new sound. The track "Go" was their first single and video released from the record.

Overall the album is great and gives Skywalkers a wider audience to draw into the net as well as open up others to something new. Skywalkers makes you want to get up, dance, sing, and smile all the way from start to finish, but you have to see them perform live to get the true feel of how Sunspot and BOAC of Skywalkers, flow together. Experiencing the music makes up for everything unavailable to fans when strictly listening to the album.

If you want some fresh music to hold on to, go check out SKYWALKERS. You can find tracks as well as the full album on ITunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, AllAccessHipHop, and more. Give it a listen and make up your own mind about these talented hip-hop legends bold move.

Tour dates are coming soon as well as more news on SKYWALKERS. Their first ever live performance was at Paid Dues 2013 - Independent hip-hop's largest music festival, earlier this year.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Eligh & Amp Live head to Boulder with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Courtesy - Synthesis.net
By Peyton S. Owen

Tomorrow night Eligh & Amp Live will be joining Macklemore & Ryan Lewis as well as Colorado’s own, Air Dubi, in Boulder at the Balch Fieldhouse. This is a part of the University of Colorado – Boulder, but it isn't restricted to students only.

Although the show has already sold out, try looking on StubHub, SongKick, or Craigslist for tickets that people may be selling. They will possibly be overpriced, but if you want to see this stacked lineup blasting out of the speakers and in your face, the extra money is worth it.

In 2011, Eligh decided to do a collaboration with well known producer, Amp Live of Zion I, and created Therapy at 3. As the album title alludes to, this was a kind of therapy session for Eligh, who put everything on the table without holding back. Along with Amp Live's amazing production, Eligh, who produces the majority of his music, was able to focus more on pulling out deep rooted and personal material to let flow and release as a form of therapy. This is a very interesting concept.

According to EventBrite.com, “Amp Live delivers powerful sonic backdrops infusing the boom-bap ethos of independent hip hop with tinges of electronic music, mixed with live instrumentation, all rounded out with an edgy aesthetic.”

Then add in some Macklemore and Ryan Lewis who have just exploded, not simply nationwide, but around the world; along with Colorado staple, Air Dubi, and you are in for an insane night. Quickly go and find tickets before scalping becomes a last restort, you don’t want to miss this show.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: G&E are hitting the road with Atmosphere and Slightly Stoopid

This summer, the Kickin' Up Dust tour will be hitting the U.S. hard with a stacked lineup of Eligh and The Grouch, The Budos Band, Slightly Stoopid, and Atmosphere. Be prepared for more music than you may know what to do with.

While Atmosphere and G&E bring the hip-hop, The Budos Band and Slightly Stoopid will take the tour to a new level of diverse music. This is going to be an exciting string of shows. 

Be prepared to buy your tickets fast. Venues will be selling out quicker than you may think. 

More on the Kickin' Up Dust tour coming soon.