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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Glitta Kings - Music - Colorado

By Peyton S Owen

Colorado has an extremely vibrant and diverse music scene. However, it’s rare to find a band that catches your ears and eyes in such a saturated music market. The Denver based Glitta Kings (GK) do exactly this. They create a genre of their own by taking their clever and hilarious lyricism, funky beats, and energy to keep the crowd moving through the night. They can get any audience off their feet dancing as if it were their last. Nothing is off limits for GK. They will keep any listener or fan engaged and entertained from beginning to end.
“Our shows are a party and we always have a great time performing.” said MC, singer, songwriter, cellist, etc. Jordan Polovina. Quinn makes our beats and we’ve been working hard to catch people’s attention.”
Glitta Kingsconsist of Funny Biz, Jordan Polovina, TopiQ, Quinn Lynch, Queen Bee, and Emma. Polovina and Lynch beautifully harmonize on tracks like “Welcome to the Dream” off of their freshman album Got Panache. However these guys know how to start up a party, always having fun doing what they love. People are drawn to their excitement.
 Who isn’t going to have a great time dancing to MC’s on stage performing a song called “Alotta Laundry” without a huge smile on your face? “I get girls cuz I do alotta laundry…I stay fresh (to death)” as the lyrics go….
These guys know how to let go and make everyone around them have a great time. This shows how hilarious these guys can get and even dress up towards the end of their shows as extreme bros – ya bro, brah, brosiph…Yet Glitta Kings are very serious with their music, goals, and where they eventually want to be in the future.
“It’s all about quality not quantity.” said Lynch. Polovina added, “We’re never gonna stop doing what we do because of the negativity from others. There aren’t any bands that really sound like us, so we just want people to hear our music.” he continued, “We aren’t looking to make all this money right away because music is something we create for people to enjoy and share it with anyone that wants to hear it.”
Glitta Kings mix soul, hip-hop, pop, funk, singing, rapping, samples, and more, which fuse together to make up a band unlike any heard before. GK also offers a little bit of something for everyone as they have discovered their sound and style to find their balance while staying dynamic. Determination and work ethic is something this talented group of musicians live by. “Next up we have two shows in Moab, UT on the 14th and 15th of June and Herman’s Hideaway in Denver on the 26th.” said Lynch.
Get ready for their sophomore album, which is scheduled for release later this summer, Girls in High Heels Shouldn’t Dance on Glass Tables. Would you like a taste of what the Glitta Kings have in store? Here is an exclusive look at one of their brand new tracks called “Press Play.”

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Music refresher for summer

Via Grimey Gatsby

Do you need some fresh tracks to add to your hip-hop selection or a good laugh?
Here's some tracks to check out for the new arsenal of summer music...

Tzu, out of Australia, is quite an interesting character and makes some great music. If you dig Aussie hip-hop this is a good musician to check out. His music video is quite strange and pretty funny. "Sunny Day" is another one of his tracks that will put you in a great mood.

Sunspot Jonz of the Living Legends and BOAC are SKYWALKERS. This track is off their debut album, SKYWALKERS, which is a departure from both musicians' comfort zone. SKYWALKERS swerve off the road to take hip-hop in a new direction with their bold blending of Sunspot Jonz's rhymes and BOAC's fresh beats.

Prolyphic and Buddy Peace "Go Green!" This hip-hop duo is signed to Sage Francis' label, Strange Famous Records, and dropped their latest album The Working ManIf you dig puppets, this video is just for you...

Looking for some original music to add to your collection? Whiskey Blanket is the way to go, and guess which city is in the back ground...Beatboxing, vinyls, violin, chelo, MC's, singing, and a giant explosion of originality gives to you Whiskey Blanket.

Everyone likes a good laugh out of a video and Prof does it up well on the track "Gampo" off of his album King Gampo. His clever rhymes, ability to laugh at himself, and catchy hook are what made Prof blow up in the world of hip-hop...."change topics..."