Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Brother Ali at the Blue Bird

For those who love hip-hop or music as a whole, Denver is just the city where music is made and performed with passion and pride. When Brother Ali recently played at the Blue Bird Theater on 10/12/12, I was blown away at how different this show had been compared to the previous times I have seen him perform. His energy and lyricism are inspirational. The entire crowd was sweaty with love for him and his music.

For those who are from CO as well as avid hip-hop fans, The Reminders, who opened up for the albino legend from Minnesota, are an amazing hip-hop group that are inspiring and soulful much like Brother Ali. The husband and wife duo unwrapped their hearts to the audience, while being able to put a smile on the crowds’ faces by being themselves and doing with they love with conviction. It was as if Brother Ali and The Reminders fed off each other in order to create an unbelievable show filled with emotion, passion, beauty, and conviction.

"We were lucky to have the opportunity to tour with him [Brother Ali]." said MC and singer Aja Black. Both groups put their souls and experiences all out on the line and on stage as if it was their only confortable medium for true expression.

The Mourning in America Tour is a must see because of the raw talent, great beats, and unbelievable music that it is bound to be a great time. The show was a bit dark and gritty at certain points, but my overall experience was as if love was dancing with angst. It was the perfect balance for Brother Ali’s performance and overall message of who he is and what he believes/doesn’t believe in.

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