Monday, November 5, 2012

Eyedea - Still Alive Through His Music and DJ Abilities

Courtesy - Eyedea and Abilities Facebook

Michael Larson, who to most is known as the underground rapper Eyedea, could freestyle and spit with such an incredible flow that would make your jaw drop right to the floor and your eyes pop out of your head from amazement. He is part of the Rhymesayers Entertainment crew and record label, based out of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. 

Eyedea’s soul is kept alive through his music, friendships, fans, and family. His memories and music shouldn't be defined by the thought of his untimely death in October 2010, but instead he should be remembered as a pure legend of the underground hip-hop scene.

Eyedea was best known for his freestyle battles, where he regularly beat his opponents with his cleverness and speed. Listening to one of the battles for the first time, I thought he was unstoppable. Instantly I had to dig deeper in order to discover who he was and as much of his music as possible. This led me to DJ Abilities and all those associated with the duo. Eyedea and Abilities broadened my musical knowledge and overall love for hip-hop and music.

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk with DJ Abilities a few days before Eyedea passed away. This was at a show he was playing with Pigeon John in Denver and he asked where he could find a burrito. Then throughout the conversation I even asked him when the two were going on tour next. Abilities replied,  “Hopefully soon,” with a smile on his face.

Eyedea's original style and unbound lyricism will continue to live on along with his memory and untamed talent that even made the underground smile.

Here is an awesome clip with Eyedea and Slug from Atmosphere on a morning radio show free styling back and forth.  Eydea made Slug look like a chump and completely out of his element, when even Slug has an awesome flow.
Let's keep the music alive. 

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