Friday, November 2, 2012

Held to Heiruspecs

Courtesy - Heiruspecs Facebook

The hip-hop group based out of St. Paul, MN, Heiruspecs, is unlike most hip-hop groups because of their over all creativity and what seems like effortless flow, rhythm, and musicianship in their music. They play as a live band, which tends to be rare in the genre. I'm sure many haven't had the opportunity to take a listen to their jazzy, funky, blues, sound that draws you into its originality. Then insane raps and lyricism are layered on top to smooth their style own style over. These St. Paul natives have essentially created a genre of their own. They consider themselves, "St. Paul rap giants."

Just by reading the above, some may initially think that Heiruspecs’ sound might be similar to the Flobots or another band of that nature, but no… the energy and raw emotion is so explosive that it is hard not to listen over and over again, even when it is a poor quality live recording, which I have found plenty of. They have such a unique sound to their music making it is almost unfair to compare them to other hip-hop groups with live bands or other artist in general.

When listening to Heiruspecs you feel as if you are right there with them at the show as they jam out with the drums, bass, keyboards, beat-boxing, guitar, etc. all coming together like cigarettes and smoke. At times Heiruspecs reminds me of Galactic with Corey Henry rapping and playing the trombone like in their song "From the Corner to the Block." However, Henry brings in a completely different element to Galactic that makes the two incomparable when Cyril Neville goes on tour with them it is as if the full-bodied energy becomes a bit lost. This is one of the things that makes Heiruspecs special.

If you are headed to Minnesota try and check out one of their shows, and if you are stuck where you are check out some of their live videos here.  There is a beautiful musical loyalty to them, especially in their hometown. They need to be heard outside the music bubble of St. Paul.

This band is legendary in the underground music scene of MN, and it is amazing that they are still doing what they love. Heiruspecs deserves to be respected in the music industry, and if you don't have respect for them after listening to some of their music, then maybe you should stop listening to so much Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. The two have a tendency to cause brain damage.

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