Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tracks worth giving a listen - a few good laughs too

I'm always looking for new tunes or artists and here are some that I have been listening to lately. Check it out and post what you have been into as well...

El-P: This guy is flat out badass. If you haven't already seen the video for "Full Retard" then get ready to laugh to a great song.

Denvers own, The MTHDS: Great track off their latest album Pretty Deep featuring Chali2na. 
This is another great song from this goofy group of guys - 

Robby Schechter and the Motion Detectors, a new band out of Denver that's making moves. Check out their new self titled studio album here. This dynamic band is playing a live show at Herman's Hideaway in Downtown Denver:

Tony Bones feat. Slug - nuff said...:

Soulcrate Music: Their album Heartland Panic is one that I have been into lately. I sleep awake...

Another Colorado musician, Five N Dime has hit the studio hard and it can be heard here in comparison to some of his earlier tracks. 

DJ Abilities put out a great mixtape called, Now! That's What I Call Fuck Off. Awesome title.

Beautiful song by Sadistik, brings tears to the eye:

The Cat Empire, an Australian band that is a fun note to end on:

Enjoy some music, and if you like them dig deeper because that's how you find what you like. If you don't like any of these, not a single one, go listen to the radio - I can't help you.

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