Monday, January 28, 2013

Jurassic 5 is officially back together: Now that’s golden

JURASSIC 5 IS OFFICIALLY BACK TOGETHER! Go tell your friend, parents, and children all around because this is one of the most exiting things I’ve heard in a long time. I have seen Chali2na many times, and he alone puts on an incredible show, but I never thought all of J5 would reunite again since they were together from 1993 – 2007 and out of nowhere, 2013.

According to Chali2na, Jurassic 5 will definitely be playing Coachella Music Festival in California and two other dates in Indio, California. I have a good feeling (but it’s just a feeling) that J5 will be hitting up Denver for at least one show as well, and are testing the waters with Coachella and the other two shows. Chali2na comes through Denver more than most artists, besides maybe Brother Ali, and love playing here. He can’t stay away from such a great place. Chali2na is even featured on The MTHDS’s latest album Pretty Deep and single “Influences.” 

The MTHDS are a local Denver band, which went on tour with Chali2na. These creative and entertaining groups of guys have had the opportunity to build a relationship with the J5’s “verbal Herman Munster.” This gives me hope that they will travel east towards Denver to give us the exciting and unique experience of seeing this one of a kind hip-hop group live.

J5 has a defined sound that separated them from the rest of the hip-hop world because of their energy stage presence, clever lyricism, and beats that you could play over and over. All of these factors came together tighter than glue, which gave J5 an initial edge over other hip-hop artists. They created a style that they own and I have yet to hear any artist, musician, or group that comes close to J5’s overall originality, specific to them. Their music is dynamic, yet you still know it’s Jurassic 5 bumpin’ some legendary music.

Some of their more popular songs are “What’s Golden,” “Quality Control,” and “Freedom.” Many of the members had decided to go off to pursue a solo career or elsewhere due to basically what seemed like a band member divorce of musical disagreement (creative differences) in 2007. A minute amount of haters could say they were happy to see this happen because it was news that fans didn't want to hear. That's life though... especially in the music business.

I wonder what will come out of this unexpected reunion? Will we get a full nationwide tour or possibly a new album? The unknown and anticipation is killing me. I don’t even know what to expect, but can only hope and assume that this will be a successful run, long or short) for Jurassic 5.

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