Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grieves brought attention to what many overlook - "I Love this"

Courtesy - Rhymesayers Entertainment
“Singers and Musicians are some of the most driven, courageous people on the face of the earth. They deal with more day-to-day rejection in one year than most people do in a lifetime. Every day, they face the financial challenge of living a freelance lifestyle, the disrespect of people who think they should get real jobs, and their own fear that they’ll never work again. Every day, they have to ignore the possibility that the vision they have dedicated their lives to is a pipe dream. With every note, they stretch themselves, emotionally and physically, risking criticism and judgment. With every passing year, many of them watch as the other people their age achieve the predictable milestones of normal life - the car, the family, the house, the nest egg. Why? Because musicians and singers are willing to give their entire lives to a moment - to that melody, that lyric, that chord, or that interpretation that will stir the audience’s soul. Singers and Musicians are beings who have tasted life’s nectar in that crystal moment when they poured out their creative spirit and touched another’s heart. In that instant, they were as close to magic, God, and perfection as anyone could ever be. And in their own hearts, they know that to dedicate oneself to that moment is worth a thousand lifetimes.”
- David Ackert, LA Times

This is beautiful and I'm sure many, including myself, are able to take what Ackert is saying an apply it to various artistic mediums and/or facets in our lives. Music and musicians need to come back to working hard as Ackert explains, because they want to do what they love, aren't silly puppets being pranced around for some money and fame. That's not what it's about. For me, music and writing is about the passion and determination to succeed. Sure, the bills need to be paid, but being able to stand up on stage every night isn't something that just gets handed to you. If you don't want to put in hard work for what you want in life then that's on you and you alone.

I have much respect to all those who work hard at what they love and for what they want out of life as well as having the courage to do it. Even when you get knocked, throwing the boxing gloves back on is inspirational in itself and the average person may tap out of the match, but pushing through the negativity and turning it into something positive shows the dedication to your art, business, yourself, and whatever else it may be. 

Thank you Grieves and David Ackert for bringing this up because these types of things need to be talked about more. Anyone can call themselves a fan, but have you tried placing yourself in the shoes of a musician? They are just people and go through some of the same things as everyone else. Think about that next time you rip an artist apart for just one song or one album that you decided to label and didn't like. Think about it when you are at a show and who you were going to see didn't live up to your expectations so you decide to completely write them off when they could just be having a bad night...Stop hearing and LISTEN - I would like any of the 'know-it-alls' out there to get your ass up on stage, make fans happy, stay true to yourself, work endless hours on albums, get little sleep on tour, and then face extreme criticism from people who have no idea what they are talking about. Think about it... 

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