Saturday, January 5, 2013

UPDATE: Soda Jerk Presents the Current Swell

Copyright - Current Swell
Late last night I was cruising the web and saw some important information on the touring status of the Current Swell... They are coming to The Marquis Theater, March 9th!! The Marquis, part of Soda Jerk Presents, is an intimate venue with great sound. They also sell the best pizza I have ever had in Denver and have reasonable drink specials and prices.

You can find tickets to the show on either Ticketmaster, which will then take you directly to TicketWeb. They are only $10 as of right now, so go and grab some while they are still available. If you end up missing them in Denver they are also going to be showing up at The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs.

Check out their latest album Long Time Ago and my personal favorite, So I Say. To find links to their music go to my previous story on them called "Ride the wave of the Current Swell" on the right side of the page under archive.


  1. They are only $10 as of right Listen to free music online now, so go and grab some while they are still available.

  2. Yes they are only $10 and check back for free downloads as well as other gifts and prizes.