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B.Dolan’s Midwest Tour takes independent hip-hop to new heights

Courtesy - B.Dolan
“We silently fell in love with hip-hop.” B.Dolan explained how he and now best friend Sage Francis, grew up unaware that the other was only fifteen minutes down the road, in old mining towns of Rohde Island.

Hip-hop artist, B.Dolan, is one of two bearded men ready to warm up the Midwest from a long winter. B.Dolan, also signed to Strange FamousRecords, gives underground hip-hop someone to look up to, which has been needed for years. Through his raw beats and lyricism, B.Dolan brings hip-hop back to it’s roots. He is more than thrilled to let loose on his upcoming tour throughout the Midwest and get back on the road again.

“This tour happened as the Treefort Music Festival in Boise, ID asked me and Sage to play, and then Vegas wanted us to come out, so I specifically chose where I wanted to go by regions on the map where we have good friends as well as where we have had good times before.” he explained, “I was also specifically looking at the strong regional sub-scenes and how it would be great for us to stop there.”

He made it clear that Colorado was a region he wanted to play. He made it seem like it had been too long of a time since he had gone on tour in the Mile High City, and was excited about coming back to Colorado as a whole. The music scene is so diverse that you can go and see a show any day of the week, and Denver loves their hip-hop, so it isn’t surprising that he has such a great time in Colorado.

“Denver is one of our major cities. Wheelchair Sports Camp, who we’re playing with too, has made it really easy for us to book shows.” B.Dolan went on,  “Colorado really has always been a great region. I’ve heard really good things about the Hi-Dive [in Denver] from other people who have been there.”

B.Dolan’s Midwest Tour will be his first run of shows in 2013. He will be playing material off of his latest mixtape, House of Bees Vol. 2, which came out last summer. You can tell how much fun he had making that mixtape, simply from how dynamic many of the tracks are and you can feel his laid back nature through the beats and remixes he chose to put on it.

“I fell in love with hip-hop because of mixtapes. I would play the tapes until they fell apart.” he said laughing. “Mixtapes almost are a genre of their own within hip-hop, you can just throw anything on there and less pressure.”

B.Dolan also talked about how he will have more freedom to play new tracks and try different things that he wouldn’t necessarily pull out of his pocket while on tour. He specifically picked out smaller venues because he likes the intimate setting and having a better connection to the crowd.

“This tour is traveling for me, which is exciting because there’s low pressure and no pretense. I’m in the process of writing a new album, so I wasn’t looking for a hug blow up tour.” said B.Dolan.

Sage Francis will also be joining B.Dolan on a few stops of the tour. More importantly, after they play in Lake Tahoe they will have eight days straight, off in Las Vegas. He said how this was “another cool thing about this tour” since during the break he will be able to dedicate those eight days of writing with Sage Francis.

“We’re going to have eight days of nothing, where all we’re going to do is write under our Epic Beard Men title like on both of the ‘2Bad’ tracks. Sage and I’ve talked about making an album together for a while now.” he said with enthusiasm, “We are going to just go to a casino and get some writing done. We have song concepts and beats, and even have this Beastie Boys style going back and forth with each other. It’s a new kind of writing when you have been writing one way for so long.”

B.Dolan went on about how he essentially wanted to challenge himself, yet at the same time enjoy writing an album line by line with Sage Francis because they are both reaching into unknown waters. It's incredible to see artists step out into a street that they know of, but never took the time to explore. Many stay cozy with what they have been doing their entire life and/or career.

B.Dolan said with a laugh, “I’m going to write the best shit I possibly can, ya know?”

This sounds like one hell of a project. Imagine if they were able to write that album over those eight days. It would be refreshing as well as bring a different sound to both of their musical profiles. Epic Beard Men…quite suiting.

Get ready for B.Dolan to take on the Midwest with his intelligent rhymes and old school beats. Everyone is in for a truly special set of intimate shows with this talented MC from Rohde Island. The second leg of his tour will be on the Strange Doom Sayers Tour with, Mike Mictlan and Toki Wright. B.Dolan had everything set up at the right time, right place, and with the right people. Both halves of the tour, but especially B.Dolan on his own, is going to be insane and filled with high energy performances.

“It’s going to be great getting back on the road. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone on tour.”

Courtesy - Strange Famous Records

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