Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tattoos help some heal from heartache, loss

Today, tattoos are more acceptable to show off without the feeling of being judged by others or stereotyped.  Instead of the meaningless heart, flower, or name of a boyfriend/girlfriend you will most likely break up with and have these permenantly on your skin, many are using the permanance for a purpose like healing and overcoming emotional events in their lives. 
A tattoo becomes a part of a person and who they are once the ink touches the skin. Most of the people I talked to about the meaning behind their tattoos had a heart wrenching story and, in turn, I then became a part of their life story, possibly in a positive way. The tattoos seemed to have given each of them strength to keep on with their lives, yet was a reminder to them of what they have overcome. Ink and art are very powerful and filled with emotion through the remembrance of the turbulent events that caused them to place a tattoo on their body. 


People and their stories

Stabbed in the Back:
Mercedes - On May 15, 2009 baby Zielg Edwin Moench tragically and suddenly died of SIDS. He was only three months old. This tattoo was done by the father of Zielg. Mercedes had him tattoo the dagger because he literally stabbed her in the back and hurt her during an already devastating time. The tattoo is a way for her to heal.

Close to the heart:
Adriel - On his chest is the name of his unborn daughter, Crystal Star. When Adriel was in his 20s, his girlfriend of five years became pregnant, but the child did not survive. He placed a tattoo of his daughter's name on the left side of his chest so that she is always close to his heart. It is a constant reminder of his love for his daughter Crystal Star.
Strength to Move Forward:
Dan - He described his tattoo as representing strength and unity between mankind. He got this tattoo when he was 19 years old and facing stuggles in his life. The directions of the nautical start point out in the five directions all around him, and the celtic knot symbolizes strength and bond.
Cody - He received his tattoo of the German flag with the German word for overcome above it, symbolizing the struggle he had with addiction. When Cody got this when after going through rehab, he was 17 years old. This tattoo serves as a reminder that he over came his addictions and has overcome his struggles in order to be as happy as he is today
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