Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cut them some slack: Nirvana and McCartney surprise everyone

For those who recently watched the massive hurricane Sandy charity concert, I hope you didn’t miss Paul McCartney and Nirvana’s jaw dropping performance of their new track, “Cut Me Some Slack.” I suppose the saying, “they save the best for last” really proved to be true here. It was amazing to see Dave Grohl back on the drums, Krist Novoselic on the bass, Pat Smear on guitar. McCartney and his cigar box guitar took on the role of Kurt Cobain. It was astounding and gave me the chills to see all of these musical legends on stage together. 

Last night (Dec. 17), Nirvana and McCartney were at it again, performing “Cut Me Some Slack” on Saturday Night Live in New York. Despite coming from  different backgrounds and genres that the two are associated with as well as an obvious generational gap, the performance was tight with each person flowing smoothly. They were exploding immense amounts of energy that you could even feel watching while not even physically being there. It was as if these guys had been playing together for years.

According to several music news sources, the infamous widow of Cobain, Courtney “Who Has No” Love, decided to childishly use Facebook and TMZ of all things, to cry about Nirvana and McCartney. It was mind-blowing to see how Nirvana-McCartney slammed the door on everyone who doubted them or was opposed to them performing together. For example, the ultimate hater and president of the “Psycho Bitches of America” (drum roll please) Courtney…Love!

TMZ  also stated, that for “their first show together in 20 years…she is ‘not amused’ about Paul's involvement.” That wasn’t the last of it of course. “Most of all, Love seemed relieved that McCartney-Nirvana were steering clear of Nirvana's classics. ‘If they don't do songs they didn’t write (nirvana songs they don’t own) I don’t care,’ " said the selfish, money grubbing Love in a recent article from The Guardian.

I don’t even want to get into her Facebook comments…Grow the hell up!
Instead of wasting space, thought, and breath on the person who Cobain was about to divorce before he died, I believe Cobain would have been cheering for Paul and the rest of Nirvana. It was a nice open handed, hand and arm fully cocked back, SMACK in the face to her, which makes me smile even more. Maybe we will see the bruise if she come out of her crack den?

“Cut Me Some Slack,” will be part of the sound track for Grohl’s latest documentary, Sound City. This is also where the track was recorded and mastered. Unfortuantely Grohl and Novoselic don’t own the rights the music they created while in Nirvana, however, this new track might be start to something special. They own the rights to it too…

Cheers to Paul McCartney and Nirvana! Could this be the start of a potential Nirvana album with McCartney on the vocals? It would be interesting to see how that would turn out. I wonder if they would use all different musicians as vocalists? As long as it pisses off Courtney Love and everyone else is happy, I would be down for a new album. 

Either way, Nirvana getting together with the past aside, was incredible, especially because it was at a charity event and the classic Saturday Night Live. The last time they played on SNL was September of 1993, performing “Heart Shaped Box” and “Rape Me”.

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