Saturday, December 8, 2012

Eligh and The Grouch stole Christmas with their music

Eligh and The Grouchfrom the California based Living Legends, came to Denver’s Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom yet again for their show, “How The Grouch Stole Christmas.” Both hip-hop gurus are no stranger to Cervantes or Denver, always drawing a large crowd and a good time. There was even a special Broncos colored hat for sale saying “Denver The Grouch” on the front. Denver always welcomes any of the Living Legends crew with open arms.

This year, the stage was dressed with inflatable Santa’s, and Christmas themed lights and colors. That didn’t seem to matter much because the music is why people were at the sold out show.

The crowd was completely immersed into the excitement of seeing Eligh and The Grouch. The duo had an incredible bond and energy that flowed out onto the stage and into the sea of fans with every rhyme, beat, and melody. The audience sang along with the music, while dancing and having an amazing time. I know. I could feel it too.

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Eligh’s ability to spit fast, while keeping to the beats of DJ Fresh without hesitation makes him unlike any other hip-hop artist I have seen. DJ Fresh kills it with his vinyl turntables and knows how to put down a beat to make it completely his own even when playing with G&E. However, Eligh continues to make my jaw drop to the ground, especially when he decides to freestyle. He lays out his heart and emotions for people to grab a hold of and connect with his stories, passion for music and mind blowing rhymes. He keeps me on my toes every time I listen to his music.

The Grouch, on the other hand, rips up the mic with his clever lyricism and “I don’t care what you think” attitude. His song “Artsy” is an example of how catchy and honest he is in his music, while having fun with it. “You ain’t artsier than me, because you shop at Whole Foods in open toed shoes…You ain’t artsier than me, because you speak real soft and drink chi tea…” I laughed the first time I ever heard this song because it’s the truth!

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I can’t say that I have ever been disappointed at any of their shows. Whenever they get together you can feel how they feed off each other’s different styles to put on an amazing performance that is difficult to forget. If you haven’t seen them live, go look up when they are playing next and buy a ticket for the show immediately because the ride is completely worth it.

KlassNine Boards, Inc., along with So-Gnar, came out to support G&E. Nothing can beat great hip-hop and good times. KlassNine and So-Gnar are local lifestyle brands that love whenever any of the Living Legends come out to play a show in Denver. Look out for the up and coming company, KlassNine, at concerts, on the mountain, and wherever life takes you because "How The Grouch Stole Christmas" was just one of many shows and events that the KlassNine team will be getting crazy at, while supporting Denver's music, art, and businesses.

Copyright - Peyton Owen
Copyright - Peyton Owen

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