Monday, December 31, 2012

Good music, good friends, and a damn good time for NYE

Copyright - Peyton Owen
Going to a concert on NYE is someting that I have to every year. Yes many of the shows are overpriced, overpacked, and at times over hyped, but all that aside going to a show usually makes out to be a good time with some crazy stories.

A few years ago I went to see John Brown's Body and the Motet at Cervantes in Denver. As I come back to where my friends were standing, drink in hand, a 40 something year old woman comes out of nowhere and pukes all over my arm. It was only 10 PM and a grow ass woman vomits on me...At least I was wearing a sweatshirt...there was still some splash that wasn't nice. Immediately, I stormed to the bathroom pissed off, swearing violently a loud and at people in my way. They probably thought I was nuts, but I had other things, like how some wasted old lady just threw up all over me and the show hadn't even started!

Once in the bathroom and yelling about how some drunk bitty didn't know how to pace herself and vomited on me, the woman to the left sink lifted here head up and goes "I'm sorrryyyy..." It was the woman who puked on me...and probably others as well since her face, hair, and clothes were covered in pre-digested food and alcohol. It was a terrifying sight.

Copyright - Peyton Owen
After getting past this unexpected event, I went back to having an amazing time at the show. Then the show was over and I had to walk from Cervantes to deep downtown in single digit weather since there were no taxis willing to pick my friends and I up. We wound up waiting in some hotel so our limbs didn't fall off from frost bite.

It's hilarious to look back and laugh at nights like that one, especially because something like this totally would happen on New Years. So cheers to a great night and make it one to remember - well if you are able to remember...I guess have someone with you who can help you remember what happened.

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